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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Corkscrew Swamp!

3-4 years ago, my husband and I got it into our heads that we were going to leave the busy city life of Baltimore, Maryland, and move to Florida.  In the beginning it was just sort of a relief from all the icky cold weather up there, and a romantic dream to spend our life in the sun with a margarita in each hand :).  The sun is all good and we do love the beaches and the nice weather, but an added bonus has certainly been the proximity to amazing wild life and breath taking vegetation.  I must say I was pretty naive about moving to Florida.  I though "Great, I can wear flip flops all year 'round, let's do it".  And shorts and flip flops is all well and good but I never realized what a rich wildlife I would come to experience.  Only a 30 minute drive from our house is the Corkscrew Swam Sanctuary, where you have an amazing opportunity to see loads and loads of wildlife.  Of course it's a bit like "a box o' chocolate", because you never know what you're gonna get :). 
We have a been a couple of times and have really enjoyed it!  I guess the best time to go is early morning because you might also see some Loud Mouths (tourists) who will scare away any wild life within a 100 mile radius. 
You also need to bring bug spray, because the deer flies are pretty darn annoying! 
Other than that it's a great place to experience some pretty awesome Florida wildlife! 

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