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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Accidental Entrepreneur!

I never dreamt of being an artist.  I never EVER thought I would run & own my own business.  Oh and I HATE selling stuff!  So how did this happen???!!!
To go waaaayy back, I have always loves to draw/paint/write and express myself in all different ways.  But getting married and having babies didn't exactly allow me to pursue those hobbies.  Well, life takes some unexpected turns and 4 years ago I found myself in ART THERAPY (???!!!).  I had no idea how I ended up there (although it would be painfully clear to me after just a little while). 
So I find myself in said "session" together with a number of other (STRANGE) people (THEY were strange, I wasn't, THEY were sick, I wasn't RIGHT!!). 
This picture is from my first session (of many).  As you can see it has very weak colors, no personality, no happiness. 
The text in the corner reads "sad, so very sad". 
It would be a number of weeks still before my artwork would start to have some color and some energy. 

Now, fast forward 3 years.  I have just had my 3rd child and I have a burning desire to create things, I stock up on canvases, brushed and paint, and I start painting my days away, and as I produce paintings I upload them on Facebook, and people start asking if I can make them X-Y-and Z.  Sure, why not!!!  Before I know it, I'm making people all kids of stuff and I'm sending it all over the US and Europe. 
This was never in my wildest dreams when I first started but I'm so grateful that I get to do this and I'm having a blast doing it! 

Now, what does that have to do with strange & sick people and art therapy?  Well, I will explain it all in my future posts!  Stay tuned! 


Ps.  I do realize that my blog is going in many different directions, but that is life.  Life is never just one thing.  It's messed up, tupsy turvy, mundane and head over heals crazy. 

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