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Friday, June 22, 2012

Daytrip to Denmark!

Yesterday was a gorgeous summer day here (and those are rare my friend).  I took the kids on a little day trip to Helsingör (Elsinore?), Denmark, and visited Cronborg's castle.  I used to go there A LOT when I was younger, mostly because it was a popular destination for school field trips. 
back then I probably didn't appreciate it, but now, going back as an adult and showing the kids around it was a lot of fun! 

After visiting the castle we walked around in the small city (village?) of Helsingör and had lunch at the town square. 

Cronborg's Castle, built in 1574. 

The big ballroom, this was a big hit with the girls! 

Alex liked it too :) 

A big canon pointing right towards Sweden, hrmpf!

Lunch in Denmark, of course we had to have red hot dogs!

Beautiful buildings!

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  1. The pictures are great! I'm sure it brought back wonderful memories and now you will make more wonderful memories with your kids!