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Monday, July 18, 2011

DIY succulent wreath!

First of all you will need a wreath frame, you can get all kinds of sizes at your local craft store!  After that you will need a big bag of moss that you will have to soak in water, and either floral wire or a fishing line (I used floral wire). 

Gather your succulent clippings - note to self, next time, do this project OUTSIDE! 

All the supplies.  Tip:  DO IT OUTSIDE!!!

Here is the finished project, it looks a bit bare now but as the plants grow the wreath will look fuller.  You can also keep adding plants as you buy them. 

Here it is hanging on our patio.  I will be able to control how much water these plants will be getting as no rain - not even a Florisa Monsoon will reach it on that wall. 

Gotta be careful, there are some prickly ones in there too! 
The wreath is very easy to take care of, just spray a gentle mist of water on it every once in a while and it will thrive!  I hope as my other succulents keep growing that I will be able to carry these in my store as well. 

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